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Shibumi Gallery's 14th Annual Holiday Show and Party!
5:00 PM17:00

Shibumi Gallery's 14th Annual Holiday Show and Party!

  Photo: April Higashi, Christina Odegard, Kate Eickelberg, Nina Bukvic, Polly Wales

Photo: April Higashi, Christina Odegard, Kate Eickelberg, Nina Bukvic, Polly Wales

Join us for our 14th Annual Holiday show and Party:

Saturday, December 1, 2018

5:00 PM  9:00 PM

Shibumi Gallery presents our fourteenth annual holiday show, Curated Color.

 Inspired by a recent documentary on the Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten, Curated Color will mix the beautiful with the unexpected to create a fresh, artful vision. For this show we will be grouping pieces in the gallery by color and texture rather than by artist and accenting these collections with colored fabrics and flowers. Imagine groups of rusts and reds or aquas and greens combined with woven, spiky and fringy textures and patterns. Shown alongside the jewelry will be works by printmaker Deborah Sibony, clothing by Ocelot, and perfumes by Sensate offering you an array of curated color and scents for your holidays.  

We are very grateful for our dynamic community of Shibumi artists and the lovely, warm people it attracts. Please join us on Saturday Dec. 1st 5-9 pm for an evening of beauty, cheer, wine and light bites. We will be donating 10% of the evening’s proceeds to the California fire aid relief and the ACLU. We look forward to seeing you all!

Featured Jewelers

Claudia Alleyne                    Elliot Gaskin                         Darcy Miro             

Curtis Arima                         Karen Gilbert                        Victoria Moore                 

Elisa Bongfeldt                     Sarah Graham                     Christina Odegard          

Nina Bukvic                          Mielle Harvey                       Eric Silva               

Raissa Bump                        Jo Hayes Ward                    Ruth Tomlinson             

Namu Cho                            April Higashi                         Giovanna Torrico        

Arielle De Pinto                    Maya Kini                              Niki Ulehla

Kate Eickelberg                    Sueng-Hea Lee                    Polly Wales

Sandra Enterline                  Susanne Matsche                 Sam Woehrmann   

Deborah Sibony’s aesthetics are rooted in her North African heritage and formative years growing up in Italy. Evoking memory and imagination, her work reflects the duality of tradition and modernity and explores physical and cultural boundaries – what crosses over and connects, what is repeated and what vanishes.

Ocelot Clothing is inspired by culture, landscape and tradition as well as by plants, the colors they yield and by the body and its relationship to nature. When layered, Ocelot becomes art on the body; moving, fluid and functional. Each garment goes through a several day process to create the dyed itajime patterns on natural fibers. All of Ocelot's clothing is hand-dyed in the Ocelot studio in Oakland.

Sensate Perfumes is an aromatic line driven by the senses, beauty, mystery and artistry of Jana Cerny. Her interest and work in healing the body and spirit has inspired her alchemy of natural botanicals. Through the ritual of application Jana believes we can draw forth our deeper selves which form part of a wide web of archetypes. Jana has created ‘Shibumi’ a scent inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of a subtle and unobtrusive beauty. This scent is a complex layering of patterns, textures and nuance that draw forth the world. Jana will also feature a small selection of her natural scents along with bath salts and body oils.

  Shown: Deborah Sibony, Mono-print, Sensate Perfumes, travel size scents, Ocelot Clothing, wrap skirt and dot top.

Shown: Deborah Sibony, Mono-print, Sensate Perfumes, travel size scents, Ocelot Clothing, wrap skirt and dot top.

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Christina Odegard Matin Jewlery Opening
5:00 PM17:00

Christina Odegard Matin Jewlery Opening


Christina Odegard - Matin Jewelry

October 27, 2018 through the holidays.
*Opening October 27, 5-8pm

SHIBUMI GALLERY presents Christina Odegard Matin Jewelry

"My approach to making jewelry is an artisanal crafting of one of a kind or small edition pieces with an emphasis on series that relate to each other, and grow from one to the next. I hand-carve raw materials such as amber, quartz and semi-precious stones, then create the jewelry with gold and these carved pieces. Translating an idea into form always surprises me. My goal in making is to create a calm, quiet beauty, inspired by the natural world but organized into an essence of the form I make. I’m curious to discover over time the subtleties of both material and form. Some carved pieces take me many weeks to complete. The intensity of working with the materials becomes a meditation for me, an endless loop of discover.”

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Consider the Pearl...
to Oct 21

Consider the Pearl...

    April Higashi,  Raku Pearl Necklace, Tahitian pearls, silver,  Kate Eickelberg,  Fireball Pearl Drop Earrings, 14k white gold, Megan Mcgaffigan , Boston Marriage I, silver, tintype, mississippi river pearls ,       Niki Uleha,  Pearl Half Sphere Posts, 18k gold.

April Higashi, Raku Pearl Necklace, Tahitian pearls, silver, Kate Eickelberg, Fireball Pearl Drop Earrings, 14k white gold,Megan Mcgaffigan, Boston Marriage I, silver, tintype, mississippi river pearlsNiki Uleha, Pearl Half Sphere Posts, 18k gold.

Consider the Pearl...


Claudia Alleyne

Kate Eickelberg

April Higashi

Megan McGaffigan

Niki Ulehla

Kiwon Wang


Visual Art

Amy Tavern


Tahitian and South Sea Pearls

Black Market Pearls

September 14 - October 21, 2018

Artists Reception & Opening: September 15, 5-8pm

wine and light bites!

SHIBUMI GALLERY presents Consider the Pearl, 14 Sep – 21 Oct, 2018

Food writer MFK Fisher’s book Consider the Oyster is a loving tribute to these mollusks in which she includes a ‘recipe’ for making Japanese pearls. Ingredients required, amongst other things, include: one healthy spat, one mature oyster, an unnamable wound-astringent and a diving girl. Prep time: ten years with seven years close supervision and “about a one in twenty chance of owning a marketable pearl.”

With Fisher’s witty recipe illuminating the considerable time, labor and risks involved in making a pearl, it’s no wonder they are revered worldwide. These beautiful curiosities have always held a mysterious allure for both jewelers and wearers owing to the surface’s subtle glow from the nacre - the crystalline substance that creates its unique iridescent visual effect. 

Consider the Pearl features six jewelers and a visual artist who, from different perspectives, explore the use of pearls in their work. April Higashi creates pieces that accent the organic nature of the pearl’s surface. Niki Ulehla uses cross-sections of pearls in her work revealing their inner nuclei and intricate layers. Kate Eickelberg contrasts the soft, natural beauty of pearls with industrial materials and architectural precision. Megan McGaffigan creates intimate and enigmatic pieces by interlacing tintypes with pearls. And visual artist Amy Tavern layers photographs and drawings with pearls that reference her interest in landscapes, both physical and emotional, and the ocean.

Along with the work of these and other artists, the gallery will feature Fred Sagues, owner of Black Market Pearls, a dealer from Tahiti and Asia who will be showing a selection of his gorgeous Tahitian and South Sea Pearls, both single loose pearls as well as strands. Fred will share his knowledge and his collection of pearls will be available to purchase for new commissions or future projects.

With Consider the Pearl, Shibumi will show how pearls can transcend the typical and be worn in a nontraditional manner. Feel free to bring in pearls you own that you’d like to transform into a contemporary showpiece or an everyday wearable statement. 

Please join us for the opening and artists' reception with wine and light bites, September 15, 5-8pm. 

Fred from Black Market Pearls will be in the gallery this Saturday 3 - 8pm.  Please come see his beautiful collection of pearls and hear more about the pearl farming.

Additionally, we will be offering wholesale appointments to other jewelers and artists on September 14, 11-3pm.  Please email if you’d like to come.

  Amy Tavern, The Sea is Always the Same, digital print.

Amy Tavern, The Sea is Always the Same, digital print.

   Kiwon Wang,  Poetry is Hidden Jewel, antique Korean poetry, fresh water pearls, thread, silver .

Kiwon Wang, Poetry is Hidden Jewel, antique Korean poetry, fresh water pearls, thread, silver.

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Cut From The Same Cloth   Maya Kini - Jewelry + Kate Nichols - Silver Gelatin Photograms
to Jul 29

Cut From The Same Cloth Maya Kini - Jewelry + Kate Nichols - Silver Gelatin Photograms

Cut From The Same Cloth
Maya Kini - Jewelry
Kate Nichols - Silver Gelatin Photograms

June 02 - July 29, 2018
*Opening June 02, 5-8pm

SHIBUMI GALLERY presents Cut From The Same Cloth a show featuring jeweler Maya Kini and photographer Kate Nichols. 
Both artists begin with organic matter as the foundation for their work. They juxtapose the ideas of beauty and complexity, illuminating the differences and similarities between.  While the artists work in very different mediums, material families play a significant role in each artist’s processes and final work.  The viewer is drawn into the often surprising surfaces and details of the pieces allowing them to make their own connections.

MAYA KINI was born in 1977 in Boston to parents from vastly different cultures, a mother from an Italian-American family and a father from India.   Maya studied sculpture and literature at Reed College and earned her MFA in Metalsmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2007.  Her jewelry and sculptures have been included in numerous publications, most recently in CAST: Art and Objects Made Using Humanity’s Most Transformational Process.  Maya’s work is exhibited nationally and internationally.  She taught at Sacramento City College and California State University Sacramento until her return to San Francisco in 2017. 

Maya’s focuses on the movement of material and its many iterations as it is transformed from matter to object and back again.  Part artist, part historian, she seeks to understand how materials perform physically and poetically.  Cut from the Same Cloth is made up of four material families: diamonds, trees, silk and gold.  Maya draws the viewer into this quiet world of details where the pieces of jewelry illuminate individuality through form, texture and stone quality while also making clear the common threads and connections between them.

KATE NICHOLS synthesizes nanoparticles to mimic structurally colored animals, grows artificial skin from microorganisms, and makes her own paints, following fifteenth-century recipes. The long tradition of painters as material innovators inspired Nichols to become the first artist-in-residence in the Alivisatos Lab, a nanoscience laboratory at UC Berkeley. In 2010, she was appointed a TED Fellow and was awarded a Jacob K. Javits Fellowship. Her artwork has been featured on the cover of the journal Nature, on the TED stage, and in The Leonardo Museum’s permanent collection. In 2015, Nichols was awarded the Richard Diebenkorn Teaching Fellowship, an honor SFAI extends to one early- to mid-career painter each year. At Shibumi, Nichols will show unique silver gelatin photograms documenting cellulosic skins she grew in collaboration with the Arkin bioengineering lab at UC Berkeley. 

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Sensory:  Ruth Tomlinson - Fine Jewelry + Bruno Fazzolari - Scents
to May 27

Sensory: Ruth Tomlinson - Fine Jewelry + Bruno Fazzolari - Scents

SHIBUMI GALLERY presents Sensory a show featuring fine jewelry by British artist Ruth Tomlinson and perfume by San Francisco based perfumer Bruno Fazzolari.   Both artists’ work share a beautifully classical and refined sensibility. We are excited to join both jewelry and our favorite scents to layer with your jewelry or give as a gift. 
RUTH TOMLINSON is driven by her passion for the earth’s treasures.  In her search for preciousness she seeks the magic of minutiae, tiny intricacies and small imperfections. Her inspiration is drawn from both the mysteries of historical jewels and the ephemerality of nature’s life cycles from birth to decay. 
The work is often a response to her immediate environment whether being captivated by a fleeting moment on a train in India or completely immersed in a single jewel at a local museum. Her eyes are wide open to new discoveries as she observes and absorbs her surroundings.
Tomlinson believes that working with such precious materials is a privilege. Each piece of jewelry should be unique, like each of us, and evoke a story and sense of wonder.  Her designs and luxuriously wearable adornments are conceived with the notion of being treasured forever.
Since graduating with an MA from London’s Royal College of Art in 2005, Tomlinson has continued to investigate the unpredictable and push the boundaries of perceived preciousness.  Her critically acclaimed jewelry collections are considered to be one of the leading influences in the current generation of UK jewelry designers. 
BRUNO FAZZOLARI is a perfumer and visual artist. He first began creating scents inspired by his own experience of synethiesia ("seeing" scent). His first fragrances appeared alongside his paintings in gallery exhibitions.

All scents are hand-crafted and hand-poured in small batches in his studio in San Francisco using the highest quality raw materials.  Artisanal and personal in all respects, everything from the perfume formula to the package design is created, compounded, bottled, boxed and shipped by Bruno and a small staff.

Bruno is entirely self-taught and established Bruno Fazzolari Scents to offer his fragrances outside of the exclusive gallery setting. The line quickly attracted the attention of critics and fragrance lovers alike. Artforum named it a "Top Ten" for 2013. In 2014, Luca Turin gave the scent, Lampblack, a four-star review. The line has received extensive press including coverage in the style sections of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. 

  Bruno Fazzolari, Ruth Tomlison

Bruno Fazzolari, Ruth Tomlison

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Layering Your Jewelry Workshop: with Fredrica.
4:00 PM16:00

Layering Your Jewelry Workshop: with Fredrica.

Come by for wine and nibbles and to meet her and play with us. Feel free to bring some of your own pieces that you love. 

This event was inspired by our recent Shibumi Project session.  Real life stories about our clients, their jewelry and a story about them. Shibumi Project: We have a new story about one of our favorite women. Meet Fredrica. 

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Valentine's Day Show: Modern Classics
12:00 PM12:00

Valentine's Day Show: Modern Classics

 Valentine's Day Show: Modern Classics

Opening Reception Saturday February 10th

Join us for a glass of Donkey & Goat Sparking Wine
Ideal Diamond Dealer will be here 1-3pm if you want to look or learn about tradition Ideal Cut diamonds.
(Please email us in advanced if you are looking for a specific diamond.)

Featuring work by:
Claudia Alleyne
Nina Bukvic
Elisa Bongfeldt
Kate Eickelberg
April Higashi
Brandon Holschuh
Ideal Cut Diamonds Co.
Maya Kini
Tura Sugden
Ruth Tomlinson
Polly Wales


SHIBUMI GALLERY presents MODERN CLASSICS, a show of diamond and diamond alternative jewelry with an artful twist. Diamonds are among nature’s most beautiful and precious creations. Formed 100 miles below the earth’s surface, diamonds are made with intense pressure and heat from a single element: carbon. Diamonds have been considered symbols of longevity for centuries, used in wedding jewelry and for anniversaries. The breadth of choices has expanded to include more colors, diamonds with included markings, innovative cuts, and even raw diamonds from industrial purposes. Features that were formerly considered imperfections are now viewed as unique inclusions. The selection and styles are so much more broad and exciting.

Modern Classics features ten artists with their contemporary designs, a classic diamond dealer who will share his information about diamonds along side beautiful stationery by Hatguchi Collective for our Valentine’s day show.  Ideal Cut Diamond’s owner will be here from 1-3pm if you are interested in purchasing or looking at brilliant cut diamonds set in his classic Martini setting or purchasing to use in another designers setting. Please join us Saturday February 10th from 12pm to 7pm to see the show and celebrate with some Donkey and Goat Sparkling wine.

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Thirteenth Annual Holiday Party + Show - Layers
5:00 PM17:00

Thirteenth Annual Holiday Party + Show - Layers





December 02, 2017
Party & Reception Saturday 5-9pm

10% off this night only with mention of this email
(*excludes wedding and custom work)



SHIBUMI GALLERY presents LAYERS a holiday show featuring new jewelry work by APRIL HIGASHI, paintings and sculpture by LARI WASHBURN and textiles and clothing by OCELOT / ANGELINA DEANTONIS.  The works of these three artists combine layers of materials, techniques and concepts to create complexity and depth in their collections.

APRIL HIGASHI continues her exploration of organic forms and materials with the simple, quiet beauty of her designs.

Layers combines white bone, pearls, black tourmaline and red coral accented with organic diamonds and high karat gold.  Bronze beads have been set with diamonds and sapphires with a nod towards ancient forms and traditions.

April believes that with jewelry we can collect, curate and create using our bodies much as a painter would a canvas.  April’s works in this show are meant to accent and accentuate her past pieces.  By keeping a neutral palette and refined and elegant shapes and forms the wearer can layer these pieces with others to express a personal style or reflect a temporal mood or moment.

LARI WASHBURN's current work explores surface quality.  She believes that viewing and focusing on intricate patterns and textures can help integrate our thoughts and relax our bodies.  With a world so full of new ideas, instructions and information our minds seek a place to be able to rest.  Lari creates beautiful surfaces that fascinate and calm the viewer.  Studying the structures created by bubbles, roots, nets and rivulets she discovered the serene beauty of their patterning.

Lari uses acrylic paints to build canvases that have unique layered depths to their surfaces.  In 2012 she began working with clay and has found this to greatly inspire and inform her two dimensional work.

OCELOT / ANGELINA DEANTONIS’ collection for Layers evokes nighttime shadows, cool fog, rainy skies or winter seascapes.

Shapes and color intersect in the dye process, and patterns are formed by the manipulation of the cloth; folding, stacking, and binding with wood blocks, a derivation of ancient technique re-invented in Japan as “itajime”.

Through these patterns and color, Angelina translates her intrigue with vernacular architecture and ethnic clothing into rhythmic forms that are more evocative than literal or symbolic.

Small, random details reveal the unique processes she uses to create her work.

Ocelots textiles inspire creative and innovative styling – a piece might be found layering as a skirt over trousers, slung over the shoulders as a cape or shawl, or used in the home as pillows or a wall piece bringing dimension and energy to the space, while the colors evoke an experience in nature.

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