Shibumi Gallery

Bridal engagment rings

Shibumi Gallery offers distinctive wedding rings from a select group of artists. We believe that choosing wedding rings is a significant and meaningful part of the wedding ritual.  We encourage couples to find a unique and personal symbol that expresses their commitment.

Shown in a beautiful, no-pressure environment, our rings are designed using metals that include high karat yellow, white and rose gold, platinum, palladium as well as other less traditional metals.  We specialize in engagement rings that use conflict-free, brilliant, rustic and antique diamonds as well as stones such as sapphires. We can also provide custom settings for stones or family heirlooms brought into our gallery. 

Working in collaboration with our clients, we are able to accommodate various price ranges while creating beautiful, ethical and uniquely individual rings.

Gallery hours:
Thursday and Friday 11-5pm
Saturdays 12 -6pm
Sundays 12-5pm
You are welcome to make an appointment if a another time works better for you.



Curtis Arima
Elisa Bongfeldt
Namu Cho
Andy Cooperman
Elliot Gaskin
Sarah Graham
Jo Hayes Ward
April Higashi
Brandon Holschuh
Maya Kini
Susanne Matche
Victoria Moore
Christopher Neff
Christina Odegard
Todd Reed
Tura Sugden
Ruth Tomlinson
Julia Turner
Polly Wales
Sam Woehrmann