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Flux Nan Collymore - Jewelry & Artwork + Eric Silva - Jewelry


October 05 - November 03, 2019

Opening with the Artists on Saturday October 05, 4-7pm

SHIBUMI GALLERY is pleased to announce Flux featuring works by artists Nan Collymore and Eric Silva.

Both artists’ aesthetic embraces an openness to nature and an appreciation of the irregularities of form.  Their jewelry shares unique rough-hued qualities that can be seen in the textures, stones and silhouettes of each piece.   The work, while balanced, refined and artful, retains an organic feel.  With their distinctive sculptural shapes and one can almost imagine them as small maquettes for larger-scale art pieces.  Alongside her jewelry, Nan Collymore will also be showing her ethereal stitched and crocheted wall sculptures made from yarn and wire.

NAN COLLYMORE primarily focuses on materiality and it's relationship to the body. Touch and affect play an important role in how she approaches each of her pieces. With this body of work Nan will show some of her new 14k gold pieces jewelry alongside her brass and textile work. 

ERIC SILVA  is a Los Angeles based designer. His work combines both natural and industrial materials in a small, thoughtfully constructed space. His designs highlight the often overlooked details found in daily life. He believes in the simplicity and integrity of the materials themselves, and for those who own his work, Eric affirms that a unique bond is forged between artist and owner.  Silva is best known for his works with hand-carved shed antler and hand-made chains.