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Sensory: Ruth Tomlinson - Fine Jewelry + Bruno Fazzolari - Scents

SHIBUMI GALLERY presents Sensory a show featuring fine jewelry by British artist Ruth Tomlinson and perfume by San Francisco based perfumer Bruno Fazzolari.   Both artists’ work share a beautifully classical and refined sensibility. We are excited to join both jewelry and our favorite scents to layer with your jewelry or give as a gift. 
RUTH TOMLINSON is driven by her passion for the earth’s treasures.  In her search for preciousness she seeks the magic of minutiae, tiny intricacies and small imperfections. Her inspiration is drawn from both the mysteries of historical jewels and the ephemerality of nature’s life cycles from birth to decay. 
The work is often a response to her immediate environment whether being captivated by a fleeting moment on a train in India or completely immersed in a single jewel at a local museum. Her eyes are wide open to new discoveries as she observes and absorbs her surroundings.
Tomlinson believes that working with such precious materials is a privilege. Each piece of jewelry should be unique, like each of us, and evoke a story and sense of wonder.  Her designs and luxuriously wearable adornments are conceived with the notion of being treasured forever.
Since graduating with an MA from London’s Royal College of Art in 2005, Tomlinson has continued to investigate the unpredictable and push the boundaries of perceived preciousness.  Her critically acclaimed jewelry collections are considered to be one of the leading influences in the current generation of UK jewelry designers. 
BRUNO FAZZOLARI is a perfumer and visual artist. He first began creating scents inspired by his own experience of synethiesia ("seeing" scent). His first fragrances appeared alongside his paintings in gallery exhibitions.

All scents are hand-crafted and hand-poured in small batches in his studio in San Francisco using the highest quality raw materials.  Artisanal and personal in all respects, everything from the perfume formula to the package design is created, compounded, bottled, boxed and shipped by Bruno and a small staff.

Bruno is entirely self-taught and established Bruno Fazzolari Scents to offer his fragrances outside of the exclusive gallery setting. The line quickly attracted the attention of critics and fragrance lovers alike. Artforum named it a "Top Ten" for 2013. In 2014, Luca Turin gave the scent, Lampblack, a four-star review. The line has received extensive press including coverage in the style sections of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. 

Bruno Fazzolari, Ruth Tomlison

Bruno Fazzolari, Ruth Tomlison