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Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

Events, PressApril HigashiComment

A week or so ago I returned from the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. It is a very nice juried show and I am honored to be amongst such talented artists. The women's committee that run it are terrific and treat the artists so well!


Here is my traveling booth where Anna & I lived for a week. When I was little I had a Japanese doll in a lacquered case. The doll was so precious and lived in my room beside my bed. We modeled the cases off of this idea. Eric, my husband has made anything metal in my display. He is a metal sculptor so this is a favor. The show went very well & I am glad that the Philadelphia community is so supportive of the arts!

Anna Adair, who also works with me at the gallery came along for her first away show. The east coast weather was nice when we did get out. Very crisp & fall was in the air & on the ground!

photo 18.jpg